What is a blogging?

At first, there was just few writers who writes good articles and host them on net.
There was a trend which moved on, the people started expressing there views by writing on their websites. Some started writing about their visits, tours, even their daily happenings. A term rocked the internet referring such persons as bloggers. Bloggers write about anything they like, may be the review of a movie, about any product or expressing their political views etc. These writings are referred to as blogging.
Some bloggers write on an daily basis, some on weekly or monthly basis.
Now a days, most of the people are not just blogging for fun, they are earning huge income from their blogs by showing advertisements on their blogs.
I have seen some blogs who are earning more than ten figure income($) per month. Such a massive income is possible only through internet as more and more people are connecting to internet and e-business( business on net) has become major source of income. Through the net, you can trade in the whole world.

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