Improving PPC marketing

I have started this blog, not to get earned but rather for regularly learning about internet marketing. PPC (pay per click) marketing is just the approached used by most internet marketers to get traffic for their affiliates and earn huge commission from those affiliates. PPC campaign is usually carried on major search engines like google, yahoo and msn etc. The PPC campaign can be improved by following these few points:

  • If the terms used by the search engine users are highlighted (made bold) and you will see an increase in your click through rate, even if you are at lower position.

  • If you are using PPC campaign for affilite marketing, then you should always concetrate on minimum amount that you have to pay for a click. This minimum should be equal to the minimum amount set by the search engines. You can use different keyword combinations for your ad campaign. Even use common spelling mistakes, which often people make. for eg. advertising or advertizing.

  • Every search engine have option to select multiple keywords to insert at specific position in your text ads. Use specific as well as generic terms for your low budget and more clicks campaign.

  • If you are using PPC campaign for adsense arbitrage than you should use low cost search engines like 7search. Region being that adsense arbitrage is often used for high paying keywords and google adwords have high
    cost per click for those keywords due to very high competition so low price clicks can't be bought from adwords.

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Getting links to your blog

Often seen as most difficult task, but if done in a systematic way, it will be the most effective way to build traffic rather than advertising in pay per click search engines. Few are some points which will be helpful to you:

  1. Know your competitor blogs: Know your competitors is really a first step, you should do while starting your campaign of building links to your blog.

  2. Benchmarking competitors blog : Benchmarking competitor of your field. Go to and use link: and you will see the websites which links to your competitors. Now try to get links from those websites. An another way to know the links coming to a website is to use alexa and use their site info feature

  3. Submit your articles to the ezines and web directories

How to start Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing has the greatest potential of income

You may have seen the websites promising $600/day money which you may earn after getting their book and following the concepts written into it. It's true that these books are written by the internet marketing guys and it really helps to become a good internet marketer. But most important is which keywords or business, you start to build your business. It requires lot of hard work and much more control on your budget and earnings. Most common question which arises in the mind of a novice is which product to sell. It's often tough to decide for me as it depends on the person to person. You should sell those products which you have used and have good experience of it. Doing this, you know the best features of that product. Just bring forward those best features and explain it in as easy way as you can. Words matter a lot in internet marketing.

Once selected product to sell, prepare a website concentrated on that product and explain all its needs. Customer just wants to product which meets his requirements so be careful to explain his needs or requirements on the landing page with the improvements, the product can make.

What is a blogging?

At first, there was just few writers who writes good articles and host them on net.
There was a trend which moved on, the people started expressing there views by writing on their websites. Some started writing about their visits, tours, even their daily happenings. A term rocked the internet referring such persons as bloggers. Bloggers write about anything they like, may be the review of a movie, about any product or expressing their political views etc. These writings are referred to as blogging.
Some bloggers write on an daily basis, some on weekly or monthly basis.
Now a days, most of the people are not just blogging for fun, they are earning huge income from their blogs by showing advertisements on their blogs.
I have seen some blogs who are earning more than ten figure income($) per month. Such a massive income is possible only through internet as more and more people are connecting to internet and e-business( business on net) has become major source of income. Through the net, you can trade in the whole world.